Inno-Comp Ltd.

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    Inno-Comp Ltd.

    Vegyészek utja 8.

    +36 49 542084

    Inno-Comp Ltd. was founded in 1999 as the first integrated polypropylene compounding company in Central Eastern Europe, located Tiszaújváros, Hungary. Currently we have two production sites (Hungary and Czech Republic), the total nominal capacity is up to 100,000 tonnes per year. The targeted markets are pipe manufacturing (building and construction) and those areas of automotive and packaging and household and electrics industries where have demand for raw materials having special physical properties. The product range includes PP and PE based compounds, which can be filled minerals or reinforced with glass fibre or modified with elastomer. These materials are suitable for manufacturing of flame-retarded, high-strength, impact-resistant, freeze- and chemical-resistant products, as well as materials that can withstand extreme pressure. Inno-Comp is enhancing the product range with more engineering plastics (ABS, PC/ABS, etc) within the next few years. Inno-Comp “Redefining TRUST”



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